Dr. Karp’s Exceptional Student Award 2020 Event

Hi Good Afternoon- After speaking with Ms.Yanez and Mr. Mendiola and reading the bio’s of both Nicholas and Yoani, we have decided to submit Yoani’s name for this award.

Thank you, everyone!

Mary Murphy

Assistant Principal


Proposal from Mr. Mendiola

May 19, 2020 

Good morning all,

Yoani has been in my self-contained classroom for challenged students the last three years.

Despite her cognitive challenges and emotional outbursts that affected her progress, Yoani has taken on a new sense of motivation to succeed and become involved in educational progress. She has transformed from a student who avoided social interactions and refused to learn, to a hard worker student, a self-confident mentor and compassionate person with her peers, especially those who need more support.

She has improved her academic and social skills, as well as her leadership abilities in the classroom. Through great effort, she improved her time on-task, reading skills and active participation in the class. She is the leader of the group, inside and outside of the classroom. She has improved her self-esteem and has a positive attitude at school despite her challenges.

Yoani deserves credit for all her courage and outstanding improvement.


Rafael Mendiola

InD Teacher

Miami Beach Fienberg Fisher K-8 Center