School Year 2020-2021

Zoom meeting at 8:30 A.M.

Meeting ID: check Microsoft Teams!

Our classroom and school last Friday, May 8, 2020. We need to go back there!

Daily Schedule

Start your learning at 8:30 AM. THANK YOU!

1. iReady Reading – 45 minutes. Vocabulary (see the list)

4. Unique Learning

5 BrainPop

6 I X L

Math Homework

Write down the answers in your Math notebook. Read and answer each question.

1. 114 birds were sitting in a tree. 21 more birds flew up to the tree. How many birds were there altogether in the tree?

2. 29 birds were sitting in a tree. Some more fly up to the tree. Then there were 142 birds in the tree. How many more flew up to the tree?

3. Beth has 74 crayons. She gives 25 of them away to Jen. How many crayons does Beth have left?

4. Cindy’s mom baked 41 cookies. Paul’s dad baked 38 cookies. Cindy and Paul ate 6 cookies each and then brought them to school for a party. How many cookies did they bring to school altogether?

5. 18 children were riding on the bus. At the bus stop, some more children got on the bus. Then there were 25 children altogether on the bus. How many children got on the bus at the bus stop?

Practice your Reading Fluency

“We Celebrate Kwanzaa”

Assignment: Copy the text passage to your L.A. notebook)

  • Copy the text passage to your L.A. notebooks
  • Write down the words that you don’t know how to read
  • Search in google those words (‘define” ______ )
  • Read aloud every line 3 times each.
  • Practice every day for 20 minutes

( Tip: How to read aloud the text passage by your computer )



·         Write down the words in the agenda.

·         Google each words. Get the pronunciation and short definition

·         Write down every word and definition in your LA notebook

·         Practice every word until you learn the spelling

Vocabulary List

Friday, October 23, 2020 >>> TEST !

Talking to people
Do with people
Help people
Smart people
1. agree7. hug13. educate19. curious
2. silent8. stroll14. assist20. observe
3. respond9. introduce15. demonstrate21. accomplish
4. ignore10. touched16. suggest22. opinion
5. discuss11. dance17. explanation23. talent
6. complain12. married 18. listening24. solve
WD materialWD characterWD wrappingWD available